Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh Edward!!!

OK, Okay, O. K. !

I've been bitten... I fought it and lost... I'm in love with an imaginary "person"... YES... a vampire. Call me crazy but if you'll be probably be calling half a million more people loony also.

I had heard all the talk and all the hype and so I took the plunge.....

I read Twilight and LOVED it !!!

And now my only complaint is I WANT MORE !!!

Adventure Shopping.....

I'd like to share some pictures from a shopping spree last Friday. But I may need to clarify "Adventure Shopping". Adventure shopping is the "act" of shopping but you don't actually buy anything. Basically it's playing with merhandise in a store.
It can be pretty much any item. I have heard of some people actually hitting light fixtures with toilet paper packs in a store but, I'm not naming names. You know who you are.
So, the pictures are of my daughter Mollie and I actually don't remember if we were in Pier 1 or World Market. We found the coolest masks and toys to play with. I wish we had taken a picture of the flying monkey in a black cape but, we had to skeedaddle out of there after he went soaring through the store. Hehehehe!!!
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009