Friday, July 29, 2011

Water for Elephants

I bought the book Water for Elephants at a yard sale for a dollar. I would have to say I got more than a dollar's worth of reading entertainment.

It's not a book I would normally read but, I kind of wanted to see the movie because of the actors but now I really want to see the movie because of the story.

The main character, Jacob, narrates his experiences as a young man who joins a traveling circus at an emotional time in his life.

The author easily takes you through Jacob's life at 23 to his life at 93 and back again. The times of past and present flow smoothly together.

I would recommend this book!!! I can't wait to rent the movie now!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Off

I had a day off from work last week for a doctor appointment. So, since it's summer time...Mollie went with me.
After the doctoring was over...It was an official....

GIRLS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

You may ask... What do you do on a girls day? Well, i think it's best to answer this question in picutres....

You go to thrift stores and find AMAZING these Abercrombie Jeans for $5.00. Wooo Hooo!!!

Your daughter might buy matching sunglasses for you to sport....

And finally, you might get to try a new yogurt place wearing your new sunglasses!!!

I don't think I would trade one of my girl days with Mollie for a million trillion dollars!!!

I love you baby girl!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Book 1

We watch the Pretty Little Liars show but Mollie has read all the books. Apparently I ask too many questions because Mollie won't tell me anything that is going to happen or who "A" is so, I decided to read the books myself.

I just finished the first one.

So far it isn't too far off from the show. Just a few little changes that I read but, it was good. Now, on to book #2.

VBS 2011

I've been really busy the last few weeks. We've repainted Mollie's room a beautiful blue color...repainted the bathroom. We've cleaned out closets, been thrift shopping, burned trash as we cleaned out junk in the house, and now it's VBS week at church.
I'm tired and really sleepy but it's been very rewarding and fun.
Here are a few pictures from Vacation Bible School.

Mollie and Brandon showing brotherly/sisterly love....

Mollie and her 4/5 yr old buddies....

Our VBS theme this year is THE LIFE OF MOSES and our learning center is ...Moses and the burning bush...

And here it is....our burning bush.