Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moose the Mastiff Mix

I have a weakness. I LOVE PUPPIES!!!

The Humane Society mobile unit visited my work today. They had an eighteen week old shepherd/mastiff mix baby boy named...MOOSE. That is a picture of Moose above. And YES, I fell in love and NO, I did not adopt him.

My voice of reason knew that Moose was going to eat more than I do at some point in his life. And if you know anything about the Mastiff then you know why they named him Moose. If you don't know anything about the Mastiff breed. The picture below will be self explanatory.


  1. AW, poor Moose. What if no one takes him home? Poor thing. I can't believe you left him in that caged place another night! Sweet Moose!


  2. AWWWWWEEE Now I feel bad...but did you see how big Moose might get???
    Aunt Wendy

  3. So glad you used your common sense this time. If you had adopted you and Mollie would have had to move out. There wouldn't be enough room for the three of you.