Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costume

I love Halloween!! I borrowed my costume this year from Shelly. It was a blast!!

Pictured are Me, Amy, Jennifer and Susan


  1. AW, you are the cutest M&M and those boots are quite sassy, I must say!

    Amy, my 3 year old thinks you are the coolest since you decided to match her and be a cowgirl too! She says "Matchy Matchy"!

    Jennifer, Very halloween of you! A bit scary and the no smile thing was a good added touch!

    Susan, I think you chose the most comfortable halloween costume ever (aside from the housewife in a robe thing) and so, even though you do not know me, I would like to borrow that next year please! Thank You!


  2. Very halloweenie! Chocolate is ALWAYS an appropriate choice!!

  3. Looks like at least four of you had fun! Very cute M & M! One question--did you have to work in costume all day?