Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seasonal Depression

Sometimes I wonder if I have that Seasonal Depression they talk about. I can't stand cold, rainy, overcast, snowy, dark, dreary days. So, I was thinking on my way to work today and thought I needed to come up with some ideas of what I like about Winter.
Today, I have to say, I like boots. Yep, I love wearing skirts and dresses with tights and boots. It's a nice change from sandles and bare legs of the summer.


  1. Haven't worn boots in years but remember I really liked them - Hot Chocolate is also a good winter thing - fireplaces - snow when you don't have to go anywhere - BUT - - - - I'm a summer girl, too!

  2. ??? Honestly, can't think of anything right off.... Maybe Hot Chocolate was a good one. Hummmm..... Maybe I have the seasonal depression too.?