Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nashville Weekend

We took a quick trip to Nashville this past weekend and had a blast doing a whole bunch of nothing. We hung out, laughed, talked, played cards, played with kids, ate, slept, learned what happens on May 5th, etc.
Here are a few pictures with captions.

Beefaroni GOOOOOOD!!!!!

Beautiful Cousins

Kissing Cousins



  1. Thanks for the photos! Love them all - so glad to see a picture of MY baby!

    Who had to clean up Justus????

  2. Really? The Cheese picture? You chose that one? :-)

    I will let Chris know he didn't even make the cut! he he!

    Just FYI for everyone - Justus looks that way b/c of AW. I told her if he ate that we should feed him. She did until she thought he would be fine alone with it for just a minute while she did something else. Hummmm.... How did that work out?

    We had a great visit. Come back soon. Love you!

  3. So I hope the answer to who cleaned him up was - AW!!!!

  4. Actually...I think CHRIS cleaned up the Beefaroni Boy. :) Thanks Chris!!! And I have more pictures. I just have to sit and post.