Monday, March 21, 2011

Cool Moon...

My good friend LaNell texts me most every weekday morning a word or two. This usually pulls me out of my sleepy stupor and gets my brain running (or at least clicking). And when I say she texts me a word or two...this is literal. It may just read, the day of the week we are on like "Monday", or it may say "Rain" if it is raining. I feel that this is her job because after all she gets up and leaves for work much earlier than I do. So, she needs to remind me what day of the week it is or what kind of weather gear I might need for the day.
Today, when i received my morning text it read...

Monday. Cool Moon!

Since, I literally read this with one eye open. I thought...she must mean...It's a cool morning...I need a sweater. But, as I became a little more coherent it became more clear to go and look outside. And sure enough...LaNell meant what she said...Cool Moon.

I ran (not really ran...stumbled is more like it) to my purse and fumbled for my camera. This is the results of ... Cool Moon!

Enjoy. And you can thank LaNell for keeping me on top of my mornings.


  1. It was well worth your getting up. Beautiful Moon! Thanks LaNell for making sure Wendy sees the early morning beauty of God's creation. I've told her all her life she misses alot when she doesm't get up early. Wendy your pictures are a treasure.