Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pass the Mother Teresa Please....

Once again I find myself making the statement that my child does not read my blog so, I feel it is safe to write about her and show embarrassing pictures.

That being said...I hear all these cute stories of younger children and the funny things they do and say. My daughter still says and does funny things.

The other evening we were watching a documentary about Princess Diana. The narrator was telling of the various charities the Princess had worked with and stating some of the other "famous" names she joined with to work for the less fortunate. One being, Mother Teresa.

My beautiful child says, "I thought that was that pancake syrup".

ME: Blank Stare
Mollie: Blank Stare
ME: I think you mean, Aunt Jemima.
Mollie: Oh..yeah


  1. Oh my.....me thinks it's a good thing Mollie does not read your blog. Or, then again, she may not get that what she said is hilarious...