Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Movie Times...

I've been lazy on the blogging. Sorry. So, while I've been lazy I have seen a few movies. Some I won't even bother telling you about because they were duds...Bleh!

Mollie and I have seen two recently though that I will tell you about...

First: The Help

Loved it! It made me laugh, cry, hurt, cheer, mad, and probably a few more emotions. I read the book first which I was glad but, the movie followed very closely. The movie left out a few things but it was very good.

Second: I Don't Know How She Does It

If you're a mom who juggles about a million things at once, you would appreciate this movie. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting much to be honest but, as it turned out, it was quite enjoyable.

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