Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Good Morning and Happy New Year to everyone!!! I wish you joy in 2010!!!
Guess what? I got a letter from my Daddy and here it is.
Love to All

Well... what do you know?

When I fell asleep last evening it was 2009 and when I awakened it was 2010!

I really don't feel any older? Yes I do, but not just overnight. The old part is something that just gradually, and surely, creeps in. Someone has said, "You are only as old as you feel." Wow, that old?

Well, another year is here. What will I do with it? Well, I suggest we use the new year building bridges. First, build a bridges to the past. Carefully appreciate our heritage and experiences. We are indebted to a multitude of family and friends. We cannot communicate with those that are gone, but we can hold their memories in grateful esteem. Those remaining may be made closer and we may be enriched through contact and communication.

The next bridges to build, or should I say repair, are with the present. Time is fleeting and there is no guarantee of specific amounts. So many folks would rejoice to hear of our personal activities (and where abouts. What;is happening to us now, is fresh exciting news to so many even though it may be "same old thing to us."

A bridge to the future is of utmost importance. As we honestly look at ourselves, our concerns for the future are plenty. We are occupied with providing material things, increasing knowledge, participating in recreational pursuits and hobbies. All of these are needed but often neglected is the future of the soul. Soul future is of much more value than any earthly ties, material gain, or personal attainment.

Why not begin building bridges the very first day 2010? Someone from the past would be thrilled to hear from you. Perhaps those departed will know of your memories of them. Good relationships with present friends and family will grow stronger as your communication bridges reach them. And, don't forget to build your bridge to the future... eternity. Someone once wrote, perhaps it was Mark Twain,"I am very interested in the future because I will spend eternity there."

Reflectively, I remember how often my good friend E.J. Taylor quoted the poem "The Old Bridge Builder," to illustrate the reason for building bridges for younger generation's safety. And I remember the words of Bob England at the conclusion of every staff or store meeting, "Let's go take some mark-ups."

Oh! Its 2010 already 4 and a half hours old.

Lets all go and build some bridges!


I Love you

Daddy, Pop, Grandpop

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  1. Happy New Year!
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