Sunday, January 10, 2010

Princess and the Pageant

My princess was in the Jr Miss County Pageant last night. She did not place or win a crown. But she won my heart all over again. She taught mommy a few things AGAIN.

1. When My Princess told me that she didn't want to do this "stinking" pageant and she did it anyway?, she taught me to face my fears and conquer them.

2. When My Princess told me that the girl who won the crown was the one who deserved it?, she taught me good sportsmanship and to be gracious.

3. When My Princess walked on to that stage as contestant number one with elegance and did her very best?, she taught me that my daughter is growing up and facing challanges and my heart was filled with pride.

Mollie, Mommy is so proud of you and you are my Princess everyday. You don't need a crown for that. I love you.

Because of the hustle and bustle, I did not get not one picture of Mollie in her dress. I will share a few of the "before" make up and hair pictures later.


  1. Way to go Miss Mollie! I'm very proud of you, too! Can't wait to see the dress and make up pics! Mollie, I hope it turned out to be a great experience for you! LY!

  2. We're proud of you also! You're a very special part of our hearts and family. We love you,
    Grandmom & Grandpop

  3. YAYAY! What Fun! And How Sweet! Great Job Mollie! CMH&J Love you both!