Sunday, February 7, 2010

My First "Real Wreck"

I'm not sure what defines an accident not being a wreck or visa versa but, my perception is...if someone backs into another car and you get a "ding" in your car...that is an accident. However, if you are traveling 55mph and someone comes into your lane of traffic and you hit them...that is a wreck.
So, on February 3, 2010...I had my first WRECK!!!
I had just left work and merged onto the interstate. I absolutely was not expecting anything out of the ordinary. I was thinking about getting home and what I would prepare for Mollie to eat that evening.
The next thing I remember is a gold SUV was inches away from me and had come out of nowhere. I slammed on my brakes but it was just too late. I hit the vehicle that had come over into my lane. The funny thing is...I never cried. How weird is that? I called 911 and reported what had happened and the operator said she would have someone sent to the scene. Anyway, first on the scene was an ambulance. Two very nice guys checked on me and helped me move my car from the MIDDLE OF THE INTERSTATE!!! When the police finally arrived there was more waiting and lots of questions. Both of the officers were female and very nice. They were so nice that they escorted the driver of the car I had hit to their car. They patted him down and frisked him and even offered him a seat in the back of the squad car. Apparently, he was driving on a suspended license and had NO INSURANCE!!! OH JOY!!!
So, not to bore you any further...I will try and wrap up the story. My car was towed to a local body shop to spend the night and my "mom" friend Ginger and her husband Keith came to pick me up and take me home. The next day was lots of phone calls, getting a rental car, and basically trying to rest up from a major adreneline rush.

My Car

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  1. Ouch! I think the most amazing thing in your story is that you didn't cry!! Sorry you had to experience "wreck"!