Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Veiw from the Back Seat

Now that I have posted a blog about my first wreck...I will continue the story with what happened after the tow truck came and left with my car. My ride had not arrived yet and so I was invited to have a seat in the back of the OTHER squad car. I was slightly apprehensive but what else was I going to do?
The officer opened the back door and I crawled in. If you have never been in the back seat of a police is NOT pleasant. Even if you have done nothing wrong you wouldn't like it.
1. First of all, I will be honest. I do not like small closed in spaces. Especially if I cannot get out of them on my own. Please note, there are no door handles that open the doors on the inside of the squad car in the back seat.
2. The seats are hard plastic. I mean HARD!!!
3. There are bars on the side windows. Like a jail cell.
4. There is no leg room. AT ALL.
5. There is a metal like cage dividing the front seat from the back seat and also plexy glass.

So, the only fun thing was...the officer and I chatted about our kids and she was counting up how many girl scout cookies her daughter had sold while we waited for my ride home.

I took the best picture I could to give you an idea of my view. You can see the cage dividing the front and back seat and the blue lights of the squad car in front of us.

I never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, want to be in the back of another police car EVER!!!


  1. What a day!! I am so glad you are OK. Craziness! Call Chris or I if you need ANYTHING.

  2. No wonder all those drunk people on COPS can't figure out how to get in....