Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Cowboy I Love

For the second time in my life...I have seen the "Cowboy I love". Mr. George Strait. Yep. I was invited to go see George with friends and so, last Thursday night we got "cowboy'd up" as Lanell says and had a night out. It was so much fun.
I confess I do not know many songs of Leann Womack or Reba but it was still great to be out for a night.
First, we sat through LeAnn Womack ( I only knew one of her songs. Second, we sat through REBA ( I did not know ANY of her songs). But I have to say Reba was energetic and entertaining and she had Melissa Peterman visit her on stage which was HILARIOUS. I didn't know who Melissa was really but she is the host of THE SINGING BEE and was on Reba's television show also.
And then...of course...George!! WooHoo!! Got to love George. He is the only man that can truly pull off a pair of Wrangler Jeans in my opinion.

LeAnn Womack

George and Reba

Melissa Peterman

George Strait


  1. I CANNOT believe you are so country music deprived - I can almost excuse you with LeAnn Womack songs but, really, Reba!!! Reba is the BOMB - you should know all of her songs frontwards and backwards AND she is one of those gals that has the kind of humor we love - one of the people I would LOVE to hang out real life! And, ok, George Strait is a good singer but really.......get with the program, girl - show your country side!!!

  2. P.S. - I'd like to see a picture of you all cowboy'd up......