Thursday, March 18, 2010

Latest find......Muddy's Bake Shop

Do you get excited when you find a quaint little out of the way "joint"? Well, I have done just that. Last week I happened on the greatest little bakery ever. Not a big chain store but a small independently owned bake shop. They are unique and have cupcakes that are out of this world. And do you want to know what else I like about them? They have the neatest names for their cupcakes, treats, and yummies.

I will give you somes examples....

Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate Icing are called....Prozacs
Lemon cupcakes with Lemon Icing....Pucker Ups
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing...Frankly Scarletts
White cake with Pink or Blue Icing......Plain Janes
Carrot cake with Vanilla Icing....Flopsys
Banana Cake with Banana Icing....Monkey Arounds

Prozac and Pucker Up

Get the picture? I love reading the names in the display case. They make me laugh.

Muddy's believes in using "good" ingredients too. They bake with range free eggs (chickens not in cages make "happy chickens and better eggs") and organic milk.

Here is a little clip from their web page....

Muddy’s is a small neighborhood bakery made of up of people who have chosen to pursue a career where they connect with their community through baked goods; we do this because we love to bake (and eat!) and we love people.

Muddy’s is for you if:
you want to connect with the people making your food.
you care about good ingredients.
you need a little boost in your day… or want to give others a boost!
you enjoy delicious baked goods that are made with care.
you value a business that values its employees.
you want to help pass on the positive energy and good will.
you want to participate in the experience.
ya get it!

Check out their web site....


  1. Ok, let's see - I'll take a dozen Prozac - that will really make everyone pucker up!

  2. My mind went in a different direction. Memories: Connie and Buster (and grandchildren that followed) called their mother (Aunt Susie) Muddy.
    Northern Ireland has little bakeries such as Muddy's just about every block. So tempting.
    I'd love to visit Muddy's (find out if they have any sugar free goodies.)