Friday, January 21, 2011

Safe Haven

My first read of the year. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I liked it a lot. I try to be honest and not give away anything so that if you have not read it, I won't detour you from reading it if it wasn't my thing or give away something that is really awesome.
So, just to be clear. I did enjoy this book. It might not have been my favorite Nicholas Sparks but I did like it. And there was a twist I didn't see coming that made it really worthwhile. Now that part I liked a lot. Something I wasn't expecting.
I recommend you read it...and enjoy!!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. Would you believe I haven't read it yet. I'm reading one I have on my Kindle.

  2. I haven't read mine yet either! VERY unusual for me. I really am looking forward to a Nicholas read.

    Mother, I didn't know you had a Kindle!

  3. Daddy gave me the Kindle for Christmas. My Bible is so heavy and I've dropped it in church several times.(Yes, during the sermom)=:)
    So the kindle will help. And my eyes are enjoying the large print!