Friday, August 21, 2009

What Type of Learner Are You?

Mollie was tested at school to find out what kind of learner she was. My niece found this quiz on line and I wanted to share it with you also. I took it and I am an Auditory Learner. Mollie is also an Auditory Learner. Mindy and Joni (my niece and sister) are both Visual Learners. Hence...list makers, file folders, and organizational skills to be envied.

Here is the description of the Auditory Learner....(Me and Mollie)

You are an Auditory learner! Auditory learners talk to themselves (doesnt mean your crazy); like to talk through a problem; read aloud; often move their lips and pronounce words as they read; and often repeat words to hear them. Auditory learners are often good speakers; speak in a rhythmic pattern; and remember what they hear. They dont visualize well; can spell better out loud; respond to patterns of sound, speech, and music. They usually find writing difficult, are very talkative and love discussion. For decision-making you probably talk it over with a friend. For direction taking... you prefer verbal instructions. And you will most likely respond better to learning when you listen more than anything or have someone talk you through the problem.

Take the quiz and see what type of learner you are.


  1. I ttok the test and I am a visual learner.....

  2. Interesting!!! The only thing about that one is that I don't see Mollie as the discussion type. Of course, I am a horrible speller and it said I should be good at it.... so ..... who knows.

  3. I took test and when I tried to submit it wouldn't go.

  4. Well what do you know...I am a visual learner according to the quiz. I finally got it to go through.

  5. I went back to the test. It says I'm an auditory learner but includes the visual also.