Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Travelers Wife

Mollie and I took advantage of the Back to School Movie Special again. This time we went to see, The Time Travelers Wife.
At first it was a little confusing but then once I figured out the path of the movie it got better. I think this is one that I will want to see again on DVD because I am sure I missed some important things AND I also would like to read the book.
I'm not sure I was crazy about the actor that played the male lead but then again like I said, I want to see it again. Maybe after I read the book.
I don't want to spoil the movie or the ending for you but, I will say that Mollie and I both were glad I got extra napkins from the snack counter. And it was kind of funny hearing a man do that cough, cough, clear your throat thing a bunch. Come on dude...it's ok to cry at a movie. :)


  1. The TV commercials really make this look like a great movie - I never go to the movies but thought this looked good - thanks for the review (I love the cough cough thing.....glad my man cries if he wants to!)

  2. I wanted to see this one too. Maybe I will try to find the book on my paperback swap website and we can share it!!!