Friday, August 14, 2009

Goat and Rice

Goat and Rice? Yep, that's right. Sounds weird doesn't it.

I'm used to Chicken and Rice or Pork Chops and Rice but,


The story is...

We had a "pot luck" lunch today at work. We have some new employees in our office and one who is from India brought some Indian Cuisine. One dish guessed it.....Goat and Rice.

So here is the thing...

My Daddy taught me I should try new foods. He got me to try frog legs because he said they "tasted like chicken". And...he was right. So, the adventurer in me tried the Goat and Rice dish and this is my take on Indian Cuisine.

1. I do not care for the smell of the spices used in cooking the dishes represented today at lunch.

2. The spices (curry?) in the rice are H.O.T. (there is flat bread and yogurt with onions to cut the heat in your mouth after it is on FIRE....that should tell you something)

3. The goat meat? Delicious! It was very good and was tender like a perfect beef roast.

So, all in all my experience was good. Although, I don't think I will ever pick Indian Cuisine as an option on my own free will but, I did give it a try.
My Daddy will be proud of me!

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  1. Too bad one of your "reactions" wasn't YUCK! 'Cause that's what I would have marked. Are you SURE it was goat?.........