Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Book Two...New Moon

Sorry about the time gap between blogs. Yes, I've been reading... a lot.

In the little bit of spare time I have, my nose has been buried in the Twilight books. The world of Edward and Bella has me entranced and entertained me. As I may have mentioned in my "Oh Edward" blog,

I was a "late bloomer" about reading these books. My daughter, Mollie, is the one who wanted them and I thought they were for young teens. Then some of my friends read them and said I should too.

I finished the second book, New Moon and

I'm now actually almost finished reading Eclipse (the third book) and I am LOVING it.

Next is Breaking Dawn and I can't wait. My friend, Lanell, has been a step ahead of me on reading them and I want to thank Mollie who was been kind enough to let us borrow them. She is very protective of her Twilight books so this is a big deal. THANK YOU MOLLIE MONSTER !!! Of course Lanell calls her thank you Princess from Mama Lanell.

I highly recommend the books. Especially if you have a daughter that has read them. It's been pretty cool to have books that mom and teen both enjoy and we love recalling events in the books together. Now she wants me to travel to FORKS WASHINGTON.......

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  1. Heard all about these books and "the craze" but know nothing about the content so I don't have a clever, I'll just say enjoy and it's always a good thing to read what your Princess is reading from time to time.......

    Love You!