Sunday, March 8, 2009

When I grow up...

When I grow up I want to...............

I remember when I was little that this question was so easy. Ballerina. I wanted to be a ballerina and nothing entered my mind that would lead me to believe that I couldn't one day be a ballerina. I would day dream about being grown in satin ballet shoes.

When I asked my daughter at age three or four what she wanted to be when she grew up, the question was easy for her. A Spice Girl. It was a fast answer and nothing she had to think about.

(and yes what a proud moment for me) I'm 43 now, not a ballerina and I believe (and pray) that Mollie has changed her Spice Girl ambitions to dental hygienist. At least for today. She still has plenty of time and lots of dreams to sort through.

But what about me? I've been reflecting and thinking a lot lately about what my dreams are now. I keep going to photographer. I'm not sure if I'm good enough or patient enough or if this should just be a cool hobby.

This is where I need reader participation. I'm going to post a few recent photos I've taken and I want comments and criticism. (also on my last blog, i took the snapshots of Hannah and Justus)

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  1. I think photography is great - go for it - I may need you to support me in my old age!