Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Mother's Love

Today at worship, I heard about the fate of many children in Haiti. Haiti is a third world country and many mothers cannot afford to feed their children. The choices they have are 1. let them starve or 2. sacrifice them to their pagan god's.

Can you imagine?

One little girl named Florine could have been given one of these fates if it weren't for the persistence of her mother. She went to an orphanage every day for thirty days asking for them to take her daughter because she could not feed her.

Finally, they agreed and took Florine.

Today, Florine lives in the United States. Tennessee is her home and her adoptive parents are Joshua and Rachel. During their mission work to Haiti, they met Florine and fell in love. She is now their daughter.

All because of her mother's love, Florine has been blessed with a chance not many children in Haiti receive. I have a daughter of my own and I know how hard it must have been.

The picture is of my daughter Mollie and Florine. Thank you Josh for sharing Florine's story during worship yesterday. You and Rachel have been blessed to have Florine join your family.


  1. That IS such a cute cute picture!!

  2. Very sweet! South Fork worked in Haiti for many years. We also have an adopted Haiti boy that we met when he was just a baby. He is now in Jr High. So glad Mollie got to hear and experience children who's lives are so different from ours.

  3. What a beautiful story.
    Can you imagine what that mother went through -- giving her daughter away so she could live. Let's remember to pray for Florine's natural mother as well as her adoptive mother.