Monday, March 30, 2009

BookWorm Update...

Just an update on my book reading......One of my favorite authors is Janet Evanovich and I especially love her series of books about the character, Stephanie Plum. Stephanie is a lingerie buyer for a department store but, she loses her job. Jobs are hard to come buy so she goes to work for her not always ethical Uncle Vinnie, the bonds agent as a bounty hunter. Let's just say she isn't exactly your typical bounty hunter and she gets into hilarious and sticky situations. Not to mention, she has this love triangle thing going with the cop, Joe Morelli and the mercenary "Ranger".

I just finished book 10 in the series...

In Ten Big Ones, Stephanie is the target of a gang. Her sidekick Lula is hilarious as always and Grandma Mazur tags along for some of the fun.
I recommend these books but definately start with book one and read them all.

This is book 6 for the year.

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  1. I think you let me borrow the first two in this series. I am worried about reading them - - I think I may end up reading them for the rest of the year if I start. :-)