Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#14 Fat Lights and Icicles

I grew up in the age of real Christmas Trees that smelled awesome, dripped sap, had a stand you had to keep water in, and left a mess of prickly pine needles on the floor. But, wasn't it great? It wasn't until I became a teenager that we got a "fake" tree. And that was OK too but trying to match all the same color wire branches together and then figuring out which branches were the longest and put those on the bottom and then making sure the lights were wrapped evenly so you didn't look off balance was hard work!! The artificial trees of today are so EASY. They come in two major pieces and are like an upside down umbrella. And who ever came up with pre lit trees is a genius!!! Unfortunately, the life expectancy of our modern Christmas Tree is about three years. I mean you can use it longer but its "fluffiness" usually dies after a couple of years. Oh well.

Now, back to the thoughts of live and sappy trees. Do you remember the smell? It was so wonderful. And the "FAT" lights? They would heat up and smell hot and they would also BURN you fingers. (I know this from personal experience) And the icicles. Not the tinsel on a string but, the real stuff that you would throw as hard as you could trying to make sure the top of your tree had a clump of the shiny stuff. (i was shorter back then.)

Now, those were the days

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