Sunday, December 5, 2010

#5 in the Christmas Countdown

My favorite things that Santa brought me. Although Santa was always VERY good and generous to me. There are some things he left that stick in your mind.
These are not the actual pictures of MY toys but I grabbed a couple off the internet to share.
One of my favorite things I ever got was my cash register. No wonder I like shopping. HAHA! I remember it looked very much like this one.

It was a pinkish red color and the play money would sometimes get stuck and jam up the drawer but I always seemed to manage getting it open. Loved it and loved playing store.

One other thing that I wanted soooo badly and got was. A baby Crissy doll. She was fat and big and she had a head full of hair which would grow.


  1. I remember both! Crissy's hair would sometimes get "stuck" and wouldn't grow or shorten...

  2. I remember! Precious Memories! You had a lot of fun with these Christmas toys.