Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st

Ok...I'm going to really, really, really, really, try and post something every day NICE about the holidays until Christmas. Something I like about Christmas or something "Christmasy" I did. I have to be honest. Christmas is not my favorite holiday. It just seems to bring a lot stress and pressure. Pressure to buy things. Pressure to go here and there. And for what? Maxed out credit cards? Worrying about not having money for Christmas?
Oh don't get me wrong. I LOVE giving presents. It just seems so rush, rush, rush.
So, here is my mission. One Christmas activity per day for the next 25 days. YIKES!

Please go ahead and gear up for the "Christmas mood" ....I added Johnny Mathis, Sleigh Ride as my ringtone on my phone.

Today I went to Target on my lunch break and got a Christmas present for Mollie. I cannot tell you what it is. Not that she would actually read my blog, but just in case.

I also have been listening to Christmas music at my desk today.

So, wow...I am ahead of the game. Two Christmas activities in one day. Whew!!!
December 1st...DONE!


  1. I love your Christmas music on your phone. Oh I probably would like Bing Cosby or someone like that better =:).

  2. WOAH! Slow down girl....or you'll burn out before Christmas! : )

  3. Looks like Grandmom and Joni were early risers this morning. I've had this problem ever since Day Light Savings Time.