Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Niece said stop doing this...

My niece Mindy told me to stop doing this. Yes, I hang my bras on the door knob. The last time the Doughtie family came to visit, my sweet precious Justus, who loves football, asked me if it was a helmet.

I think I should stop hanging my bras on the door knob.


  1. There are these things called drawers... AND I know for a fact you have some.

    AND by the way, let's get the story straight... You hang your bras on door knobS. Not just one. Practically all of them. hehehehe! :-)

    AND at eye level to a 2 year old can you blame him for asking about your helmets? He is hilarious!

  2. I think you should listen to your niece...