Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Chorus Line...One Singular Sensation

My company sent out an email and offered FREE tickets to the Broadway production of, A Chorus Line at the Orpheum. My very good friend Whitney (who is nimble and quick fingered) was able to acquire two tickets before they ran out. And so tonight, we had a girls night after work.
We ate at The Blues Cafe and then walked over to The Orpheum Theatre. It was perfect weather.
A Chorus Line started on Broadway in 1975 and is the fourth longest running Broadway production EVER! It also has won 9 Tony awards out of 12 nominations.
I honestly didn't know what A Chorus Line was all about so, I got on line and read a brief synopsis before we went. It's about dancers that are at an audition for a part in a stage production. They all want a part in "the chorus line" but the director wants to know WHY they want the part and who each dancer really is, where they came from, and why they dance. Not just their resume with a name and picture.
We had a great time. Thanks Whitney, I love you!

Chandaliers at the Orpheum.

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