Monday, September 21, 2009


Anyone who knows us girls...(Mollie and Myself)....know that we have had our share of creatures and critters to surprise us and keep us on our toes where we live.
We've had wasp, mice, slugs, worms, a mole, spiders, and even a "smouse" to visit our home.
(smouse is another story for another blog)
So, Saturday night we had gone to bed. Mollie was in her room watching TV and I was in my cozy bed about to doze off and my cell phone rings.
It's Mollie from her ROOM!!! I answer the call and Mollie says in a calm voice...."Mom, there is a frog in my room". I said "What"?!
She repeats...FA-ROG...there is a FA-ROG in my room please come and get it.
I'm not a big fan of frogs but being "the mom" I had to go and check out the situation.
Sure was a FA-ROG. A tiny baby green frog about the size of a cricket but none the less it was a FA-ROG!
So, I get a plastic cup and we trap him and then run a manila folder under the cup and capture him. Then I RUN and throw the cup, folder, and FA-ROG out the front door. (ok, so I'm still a girl....yuck)
Today I was looking for a picture of a baby green FA-ROG on line and saw an article that baby green tree frogs are the new pet craze. Are you serious????

Here are a few sentences about the pet craze....
Green tree frogs have rapidly become a household pet and it is no wonder. These beautiful little creatures require very little room and are easy to care for, although they do require an adequate supply of water and must be monitored on a daily basis. You can find these exotic looking amphibians in nearly any pet store for under $10. Use caution when purchasing a tree frog and look for signs of stress or other health issues.

Under $10??? I had one for FREE and didn't want him!! YUCK!!! The amphibian had to go!!!


  1. The funniest thing is that I can picture this whole thing perfectly. It makes me giggle.

  2. Have had a similar experience (twice - once recently) but our frog was in the potty!!!! Discovered.....AFTER use - makes the potty experience thereafter very traumatic!!

    Nuff Said!

  3. Let me just say...ewwe!
    Love you