Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Orpheum Theatre Haunted

As you know, I just went to the Broadway production of A Chorus Line at the Orpheum last night
It's such a beautiful theatre and I have been there numerous times and seen some great productions. The first was when Mollie was about 3 or 4 years old and we went to see Peter Pan. It was AWESOME!!! Since then we have seen, Beauty and the Beast, Annie, RiverDance, The Nutcracker Ballet, and others.

But did you know that the Orpheum Theatre was supposedly HAUNTED?
Yep...So, I am copying you the story from the official Orpheum Memphis web site and also posting pictures.

Historical Orpheum

Orpheum Today


Mary's Story

Mary the Theatre Ghost
Countless times over the past 50 years performers and employees at the Orpheum have noticed a little girl in a white dress and pigtails sitting in seat C-5, Box 5. Although her blank stare and ethereal appearance have upset some who have seen her, the little girl known as Mary has never disrupted a performance. In fact, it seems as though she adores the theatre.

One version of the story is that Mary was struck by a trolley, and was carried into the theatre where she soon died. An investigation by Dr. Lee Sutter's parapsychology class at University of Memphis alternatively suggested that the little girl actually died during a downtown accident and did not wander into the Orpheum until after her death.

Regardless of how she came to the theatre, she apparently enjoyed her new surroundings and the performances and has stayed as our guest for nearly 80 years!

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