Saturday, May 14, 2011

It makes me laugh!!!

I saw this picture on someones face book page and HAD to blog about it. It is soooo cute and fun!!! Plus it makes me laugh !!!!

Do you think any of the "royal" family watched Cinderella BEFORE planning what they wore on the big day??? He-he

Actually, here is the real Cinderella from Disney. I think someone had a good time "enhancing" the Royal's into Disney characters. But it's still fun.


  1. I saw this too and thought it was funny but is that the wedding scene from Cinderella? I thought that she was blond and he was brunette? Maybe I need to go back and watch it!

  2. It was photo shopped...but still very fun.

  3. OH! I get it. Sorry! I just knew something wasn't right. :-) It still made me giggle.