Monday, May 23, 2011

A Mess O Greens

Mollie and I got a craving/hankering for turnip greens this past weekend. Yep...greens.
I decided to cook style.
If you've never had greens they are yummy IF they are cooked right. If they are not cooked right...well...not so yummy.

Step 1

Wash 'em and wash 'em GOOD!!! In fact, soak them in cold water. Then rinse each leaf. (This is because, they were in dirt)

Step 2

Cook 'em. But, add some stuff first. I used a couple of pieces of bacon, some onion, and chicken broth.

Step 3

When they are dark green and looking like they are a fourth of the amount you started out with...(this is called cookin 'em down)....they are done.

Step 4

Eat 'em....


  1. I am sure then were good, but, I am sorry - those look gross....

  2. Sorry, I agree with Mindy - YUCK!! Just not enough bacon, onion, chicken broth, or cooking it down to make it good to me!!!!!!!